The archaeological remains of Moray are located 7 kilometers from the town of Maras, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, 38 km northwest of Cuzco.

It is possible to get to Moray through the road that starts from town or directly from a detour from the main road.

Moray is a Quechua word and names a sector occupied by the peasant communities of Misminay and Kacllaraccay.

The circular units of Moray are made up of platforms as concentric rings; each circle comprises a terrace that overlaps another, forming circles that are expanding and can be accessed from one to the other by climbing protruding stones (sarunas), embedded in the wall.

Moray was possibly an Inca agricultural research center where crop experiments were carried out at different heights. The layout of its platforms produces a gradient of microclimates, having a higher temperature in the center of the concentric circular platforms and gradually reducing at lower temperatures towards the outside, thus being able to simulate up to 20 different types of microclimates.

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